Sunday, 23 March 2014

Double Portion of Photographs for the Weekend

Out yesterday morning in the bright sunlight, we passed this magnificent magnolia.
On the London Road looking up towards the traffic lights and beyond to the edge of Hedgemead Park.  
We passed Burdall's Yard, a venue run by Bath University that has comedy and music events on - we still have to get ourselves down there, of course!  
At Prior Park garden centre, where their blossom is a treat.  
A better image of the poster about 46 threatened trees on their notice board.  
Came home via Larkhall, where we passed this gathering of dangerous subversives… 
In our back garden, the hellebores continue to delight.  
The first fresh dandelion of the Spring that I've noticed.  
Perky flowers in a neighbour's border bed.  
More flowers standing to attention. 
An old favourite…  
Looking across towards Bathford and Bathhampton out on my afternoon walk with Bella. 
Love the structure of these still bare (but not for much longer) branches.  
More delicate structure in this dessicated umbellifer from last year  
Always a bit of a boggy, muddy filed gateway, this one in Charlcombe valley has now become a fully fledged stream. Still lots of water coming out of the hillsides. 
One little person will be missing their comforter…  
The first whitebells and native bluebells I've seen this year - very early, as we don't often see them before May. 
My major achievement of the afternoon was successfully wrestling with the wordless assembly instructions for a replacement for our clapped out Workmate.  
Went over to Krishna's Inn in Bristol for a meal with Prakash and Bernadette, and then on for a drink at Bundy's. Interesting mixture of Monday night pursuits - especially where the times overlap - "I'll see your plank and raise you a shoulder bridge" perhaps? My own Pilates resumes tomorrow - maybe I should take a pack of cards?:-)
This morning started off sunny, and we had thought about going off on a jaunt - and then the skies opened.  
All hail the hail!  
I ended up helping somebody out with programming an Arduino set up (Shock gasp, go my more technical friends!) and staying out of this sort of weather. 
Got out for a late morning walk with Bella, and admired this carpet of blossom on the pavement.  

Retrieved this glove from the patch of grass by the pub. Hope it gets reunited with its other half. 
Met up with Su and Bella for half a walk after I'd finished Arduino programming, and he weather had perked up by then. 
This day a year ago, we were down in town and wandered past this sign celebrating the successful community buy-out of the Bell on Walcot Street. 

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