Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Afternoon Sun, Blossom and Long Legged Shadows!

After a very grey and misty morning which offered no photographic opportunities, I came back from a supervision session at UWE to which no students turned up to find the sun and blue skies.
We all went out for a walk in the crisp, sunny afternoon. Spotted this bunch of jonquils - our first flowers of the walk. 
Blossom against a blue sky. 
More blossom against the Charlcombe Valley. 
Primroses coming out in numbers now. 
Cherry blossom down in the valley. 
Long legged shadows. 
Larch trees looking good in the sunshine (Bella the sniffing black blob to the right of the picture :-) !)
Catkin covered trees 
I liked these nettle stalks against the trunks of the trees at the bottom of the field. 
 More daffodils on show.
Tulips coming out, while snowdrops are still up, heather is in flower and shrubs are bursting into leaf - unusual weather patterns bring out plants at unexpected times…
Nice conjunction of daffodil, jonquils and catkins 
Cherry blossom looking great. 
Su pointed out this beautiful evening sky to me.
This day a year ago, after a cold night some welcome sunshine for the morning. 

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