Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Spring Flowers and Gentle Weather

A gentle day - not much wind, nor much direct sunshine although there were glimpses of blue sky to be seen.
Our cyclamen at the front of the house are still going strong. 
Blossom is coming out all over the place. 
Flowers also popping everywhere, including daisies. 
Is this grit bin a victim of vandalism or a careless car?
Out with Bella, the overcast skies cracked a little to let the setting sun peek through. 
Daffodils poking their way through this fence. 
The skies gradually lightened. 
An interesting addition to this sign of a clothes peg shaped sticker… What does it mean???
More blossom… 
More flowers coming out. 
This day a year ago, the sun was shining and Malvern Terrace looked good with Little Solsbury in the hazy distance.

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