Sunday, 1 January 2012

Rain Stopped Play

Bella slept late this morning - probably getting over all the fireworks last night.  We didn't leave her to go and look at at the Bath display - but saw some of it from our bedroom window anyway, so these rockets must have been going pretty high! This morning saw another overcast day, brightened by this display of holly berries. 
Evidence of a New Year's Eve party.
I was impressed by the juxtaposition of these two stickers in the rear window of their car - not a combination you normally expect!
The sun made a pallid attempt to break through but this was the best it managed all day.
Our local phone box has probably the least artistic tagging in the area...
The rain started abut midday and has showed no signs of stopping since, so the Street Party gathering has been postponed until tomorrow. We actually have a dry and sunny day forecast so fingers crossed! I took advantage of the unexpected time to get friendly with our bathroom tiles and freshen them up for the New Year.
Now settled down with a vodka and orange and watching "Harry Potter ".

Happy 2012! 365 days still to go and they are getting longer!

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