Saturday, 7 January 2012

Where Did The Day Go?

Awake far too early after a disturbed night for both of us.  Young Fay next door was crying in the night and Dad does not seem to be able/willing to settle her like her Mum can.  Mum works as a bouncer at a club on Friday nights... Su went off to help a friend with her grandchildren for the day while I lost track of the day! The mahonia out the front of the house continues to delight, now with fruits as well as flowers.
Walking down to post a letter, saw these two lonely fuchsia flowers on the pavement.
Went out to do a bit of shopping and enjoyed the brightness of the day
Down the bottom of the garden, I looked in the greenhouse to see these tomatoes still on the vine.  They were green a couple of months ago.  Totally inedible now, but a nice splash of colour.
You never know when you'll need a parking cone in the garden!
The bin for the ash from our stove has seen better days.  We'll have to splash out and get it a new lid!
The clouds framed the hillside opposite the house.
Went down to the allotment patch to harvest some more leeks. One more trip down there and that will be our crops finished.  Not bad for two little beds and not much time and attention over the year.
Dramatic clouds over Solsbury Hill
The wet plank of wood I foolishly stepped on, finding myself flat on my back in the grass as a consequence. Bella thought this was a good game!
Three generations of thistle flowers on one plant, and great variegation on their leaves.
Carried on walking Bella and found a forlorn, abandoned glove...
Came home as the sun was setting, fed Bella and then promptly fell asleep.  Woken by spam phone call so I was alert when Su came back from her day of childcare. Had a nice dinner and now writing this before having a go at watching the new Danish drama on BBC4. Subtitles here we come! "Tak"!

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