Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day Trip to Not Very Far Away

Off to Nailsea last night to help Bob celebrate his 58th birthday, along with Frank.  Had a slap up feast at his local Chinese restaurant, and we even discussed restarting Left At The Lights practices with all three of us in the room at the same time...
Bob and Vicky really like decorative things (I've posted pictures of their astro-turfed garden before), so I wasn't too surprised to find this toilet paper in their downstairs loo!
A very misty drive there and back, so the ground was wet this morning.  At first, I thought this might be a giant spider's web, but it turned out to be plastic string bag rubbish...
On my rubbish "tip", I have become sensitised to it, so spotted this railing used as a handy receptacle for a crisp packet.
This discarded label and plastic string bag was from Hallowe'en, I guess.
The Mobile Library was parked up in Fairfield Park - good to see the service still being operated, and well used.
After breakfast, we went off to Bathford to scout out a possible house for purchase (going back for a proper look later in the week), and spent time walking about the village - lots of old buildings.
A very small window in this old house
An old drain fitting wedged in to this wall
After all that excitement, we went off to Dick Willows for some lunch, spotting these new wooden sculptures in the yard.
These guinea fowl wandered inside, and were promptly shooed out by staff.
Appropriately enough, given the name of the establishment, a great display of different coloured willows.
After that, we set off to Batheaston to look around at possible properties there.  This led us to walk up Fosse Lane, featuring some rather glorious views (but noisy from the A46/A4 and the trains).
Not sure what sort of junction is indicated, but a great little marker.
A rather unusual address.
Fond remembrances of our favourite gritty 80s soap opera with this house name.
We went down to the river and walked along towards Bath
A whole bank of flowers - common name of elephant ears AKA bergenia (species Cordifolia) - normal flowering period April till May (many thanks to my horticultural consultant AKA Su!)
For a magic few minutes, the sun came out from behind the clouds
Looking upstream was a delight.
Passed this rather grand house in its grounds.
We came across a formal garden that was open to the public by the (free) car park.
Decorative work on the entrance.
What we surmised was once a grotto
A great piece of metal sculpture in its own right, as well as being a sundial.
Bright red dogwood stood out against the background.
Bella waiting for me to kick the large ball. She was very adept at stopping it, and even managed to pick it up a few times!
After that we trickled up the High Street and looked at one house on the market from the outside (we may well go back and look at that one properly) and then drove to scout the locations of a couple of flats for sale.  Then it was time to go to Alice Park, have a hot chocolate and give Bella some more exercise chasing a tennis ball. Came home to download photographs.Reflected on how we've travelled no more than a few miles home and seen loads of places that we had no idea existed.

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