Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Chilly Day

Up early to go in for my Kaplan College teaching. It was a cold morning with ice on the van and a brooding red sky.
This inscrutable graphic adorns the stairwell up to Kaplan College - not sure what it is meant to signify. 
UWE brands itself as the "partnership university", so all the signs have double branding...
Found in a corridor on the way back to the van - a lone balloon. 
Home in time to walk Bella - enjoyed our winter-flowering cherry on the way out.
It was still really cold, as the frost on these leave shows. 
Just as chilly for these plants. 
Dead stems also frosted up. 
I must have walked past this tree a hundred times and never noticed it - until today. The colour and the uusual peeling of the bark really caught my eye.
Another for my exhibition of abandoned items - this is the best placing of a hat I have seen yet! 
This day a year ago, I was also up early and off into UWE (to discuss teaching in Hong Kong). It was a bright sunrise and very cold just like today.

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