Sunday, 20 January 2013

Shovelling Snow

Out with Bella this morning, I walked up the ski slope that our road became yesterday from the 12-hour sledging orgy that the local children indulged in. Thanks to my trusty boot grippers this was not a challenge!
Looking over at Solsbury Hill. In this monochrome landscape, it is such a feature.
Around midday, I heard sounds of shovelling from outside. Went out to find a whole gang of neighbours demolishing the ski slope. The council never grit our road (it is very steep) - given that the weather forecast is below 0ยบ for the next few days if we don't clear it, nobody else will. I grabbed a spade and joined in - Bella came out to supervise, and a social and productive time was had by all. The road is now almost clear from the bottom to the top.
This was after my successful topping up of the van coolant, and was followed by another spell of ice-clearing down the road where Su's car is parked. On the way back up the hill, saw this very nice scarf abandoned on a car.
As Su hasn't been too bright today (she's now recovered and is feeling a lot better), it was time to go out with Bella again by then. From near the top of the road, this was the view down the hill  - about 20 yards at the top of the hill remain to be cleared.
Walking around with Bella, Solsbury Hill frames the landscape. 
Another abandoned item - a pretty little hat that is almost definitely being missed. I placed it on a nearby bush, so hope it gets found soon.
The light as the dusk drew in framed these trees nicely.
Pink and blue sky over Solsbury Hill.
Back at home, the back garden was a definite blue. 
This day a year ago, the sky was a very different colour at sunset! 


  1. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get your boot grippers from? I live in a very steep part of Brighton and think these would make walking around much easier! I hate walking on ice and would really welcome any advice on buying a good pair of grippers!

  2. Only just seen your comment, so sorry for the delay in replying. We have had these grippersfor a couple of years and only now had the chance to really test them out. They are calleed Yaktrax, and I think we bought them online, possibly through a Guardian special offer. I have heard of other varieties about and heartily recommend them!