Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Fragmented Day

A bright start to the day, with the van illuminated by a brilliant sunrise over Bathampton hill.
Pastel skies at the back of the house. 
Out with Bella, the display continued. 
A much more clement view than from this spot yesterday. 
Dramatic vistas across the valley. 
The sun caught this tree well. 
The sun shone right down this street. 
More illuminated trees glowing in the morning light. 
Back home, appreciating our winter-flowering cherry blossom. 
That was the end of the brightness. I then spent the morning in computer mode - sorting out connections to a wireless printer for Su, and updating the operating system on a neighbour's Macintosh so that he can use his Christmas iPod. Then it was - joy of joys - off to the dentist to have casts made for a new crown on my back tooth. Home again to build a fire and then a phone conversation about marking for UWE project reports and trying to get ready for my new teaching that starts tomorrow. This was my view at the dentist - a lot brighter than outside by this stage of the day.
This day a year ago, the day started bright and clear, so we took off for the beach - only to find low cloud and mist there. Bella enjoyed herself though!

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