Monday, 28 January 2013

Light and Dark

Up with first light, overlapping with the  streetlight this morning.
At the back of the house, the first glimmers of dawn.
A bit later, the sun coming up over the hill, and the streetlight extinguished.
Our winter-flowering cherry still going strong. 
Walking Bella, the clouds started to gather. 
 A last remnant of snow hanging on, insulated by some leaf litter.
The wind had blown over the green barriers. Bella inspected. 
Coming round the block back into the sunrise. 
Bella had a funny turn after we got back in and we thought she might have had a stroke. The vet reckons she just needs some R&R. I had to go off to UWE, but Su looked after her and she has perked up - pity that Su missed out on lunch with friends, but glad Bella is OK. I had the joys of UWE to distract me…
The weather was foul by the time I left, and I scraped a neighbour's car (and the van) trying to park when I got home. Glad to get in the door! 
This day a year ago, we were down at the Roman Baths and surrounding streets enjoying a lightshow installation including this multi-coloured projection onto a phonebox.
Saw "The Sessions" last night - definitely an unusual story but overly American in tone with people making big emotional leaps in short timescales.  Good performances all round though and some hearty laughs.

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