Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Low Cloud, Low Turnout

Out with Bella this morning before heading off to UWE, saw the cloud very low over/in Charlcombe Valley.
By  green barriers, even lower clouds from tarmac laying as the road was filled in over the pipes that had been laid. Bella wasn't very happy about this, but bravely jumped over. 
Drove over Lansdowne through more low cloud. In Warmley sat in traffic behind this car. I got close enough to read the legend: "Not a great car, I know… but it's bought, paid for and in front of you."
Slightly late but managed to get the last semi-legal space in the car park (well I didn't get wheel-clamped, so it must have been OK!). 
Went to my first tutorial session and had a grand total of 0 students turn up followed by 6 in the next session, and 3 of them to my last one of the day. I get paid the same whether they all turn up or none, but I'd prefer a higher level of engagement than this. A variation on refuge point signage and instructions at the top of this flight of stairs - one thing UWE seems bad at is standardisation of signage and interfaces (I have seen at least three different door exit switch arrangements, for example).
In between the tutorial sessions, had a fruitful practice with Bob (Frank not able to turn up this week, but promises to be there next week) - in our old haunt, The Surround Studio. Still a bit cluttered with debris from students frantically working on their radio play assignments last week.
Homeward bound, sitting at traffic lights in Downend under a still leaden sky. 
This day last year, we helped Julia clear up her allotment plot and then I took Bella for a walk and spotted these teasels before we went over to see Bill & Patsi for a long lunch that went on into the evening. 

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