Friday, 25 January 2013

Quiet Day

No journey to UWE today (hooray!), but we were both still awake early due to the unexpected collapse of a shelf downstairs - that woke us up! There was some brightness in the sky first thing as a compensation.
It didn't last long and that by the time I went out with Bella this afternoon, it was overcast with a cold wind. 
An abstract snow entity in the field… 
The clouds looked ominous - luckily the forecast rain held off. We had seen some snow flurries earlier on, so may get some more later tonight. 
A splash of colour with these catkins. 
 On the way home, saw this glove on top of a wall.
Another non-specific snow structure in a neighbour's front garden.
 Back home, caught the evening blue tinge.
This day last year, I was struck by the view through this bollard. 

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