Monday, 14 January 2013

Rainy Day - Time to Work

Ping pong weather continues, so today started wet and overcast. I took the opportunity to do some preparation for this week's teaching at Kaplan College (tomorrow is forecast to be sunny again, so a jaunt beckons rather than computer time!). When it was time for Bella's afternoon walk, the weather brightened up so we went up to Brockham End to catch the sun.
The sun was quite low by the time we got there and it picked out the detail of the woods as it shone through the trees.
Great shafts of light on the floor of the woods.
Bella got spooked by something - it's normally guns she doesn't like, but I didn't hear any. This was as far as she would go - I don't think the sheep in the field bothered her, as she was dragging her heels before we got there.
She didn't want to do our normal circuit and seemed happier back in the woods, so we took our time wandering back to the van through there. Still some leaves hanging on to branches in places.
Looking east as we got back to the van.
Looking back to the west as the sun set over the trees.
This day a year ago, it was a cold start to the morning with frost covering most surfaces including the grass.

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