Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Alternate Day Weather Continues

As predicted, today has been a bright and sunny day. Out with Bella this morning into the blue.
The sun lit up the pine cones on this tree. 
It had been cold enough overnight for some frost - remnants on the roof of this car parked out of the morning sun. 
Sprouting shoots of moss.
From every direction around here this tree is a feature of the view, today nicely silhouetted by the sun.
Malvern Terrace glowing in the sunshine, with a view across to Solsbury HIll. 
In our front garden, it was cold enough for this bucket of water still to be frozen.
We didn't go off on a jaunt after all because it was so cold (and I had a bit more work to do for tomroow's teaching), but we did go off for a spot of lunch. This was the London Road on the way. 
Later on, the sky looked as though it had a crease in it with this unusual cloud formation. We eventually decided that it must be a vapour trail effect.
Driving up to the Circus. 
St Stephen's Church looking majestic against a bright blue sky.
This day a year ago, we went to Brean beach for the day and this happened!  Luckily the Beach Warden was about to tow us out so we could enjoy the lovely weather.

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