Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Blue Wednesday

Up early this morning early enough to catch the wonderful blue the snow has bestows on dawn and dusk light.
Off into UWE to teach at Kaplan College for a few hours - saw this car decoration in the car park. 
The morning went fairly smoothly and I drove back to Bath over Lansdown, the scene of yesterday's blizzard on the way home. The legacy was beautiful - since there was so little traffic on the road, I was able to stop momentarily to take this photo of the snowy cave left behind.
After lunch, a quick visit to the doctor's about my migraine medication (seem to have found a treatment that that really reduces their frequency - I have only had one mild bout in three weeks, as compared to what had become one every three or four days before.) Then it was out in the snow with Bella, wearing my trusty Yaktrax boot-grippers - the print in the snow gives an impresssion of how they work.
By this time, the light was starting to fade, and I saw a return to blue in my photographs. 
Great shapes and contrasts in the trees.
 More blue views looking across this field.
I liked the arrangement of these trees and the silhouettes the snow had left. 
Solsbury Hill fading into the twilight. 
This day a year ago, we went to Bradford on Avon where we saw this sculpture celebrating the millennium. 

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