Friday, 11 January 2013

A Day of Brightness

Had a lie in this morning, so went out with Bella a bit later than the last few days. Lots of discarded Christmas trees blocking up the pavements - probably won't be collected until next week…
It was a bright morning, and the glare fron the sun was quite dazzling. 
The blue skies and bright light showed off this willow at its best. 
Clear blue backdrop to this telegraph pole made it stand out too.
The play of light and shadow on these leaves appealed to me. 
Everywhere I looked was a visual feast - after the grey gloom of yesterday it was such a treat to see the sun and hear the birds singing. After lunch we went off to Westonbirt to enjoy the weather up there. These cows were happily muching at the side of piles of different timbers - I spotted yew and different types of birch, plus others whose labels I couldn't see.
Coming down the slope towards Silk Wood, I looked back to be rewarded with this bucolic sight.
Into Silk Wood and Bella led us off to this Tall Tree Trail, which is as long as the tallest tree on Earth. This was the start. 
As far as the tallest tree in Westonbirt, and the end of the trail was nowhere to be seen.
Further on still, we came across this encouragement. 
Finally made it to the end - we had walked 115.5 metres - nearly 400 feet. Even though we go to Westonbirt frequently, we keep on finding new aspects to it.
After our walk we repaired to the van and enjoyed a cup of tea in the light of the setting sun.
This day last year, we were out and about in Larkhall and Charlcombe Valley - dramatic skies abounded. 

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