Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Long Day Short Blog

On the way to work this morning stopped at a roundabout opopsite this pub on the edge of Warmley, with virtually no sign of any snow.
Just along the road on Siston Common, a very different scene. 
 Looking in the other direction, an even wintrier aspect.
On UWE Campus, I haven't noticed this before - a University Police station!
Just along from there, a sign pointing up the stairs for the Access Department (to be fair, they do have an accessible lift in the lego block extension I featured yesterday). 
I was scheduled for six hours teaching today, and also had a practice with Bob - Frank couldn't make it today. I actually got away after about five hours because most of my project students did not turn up for my last class. On the way, saw this discarded glove in the corridor (left it on a radiator, just in case the owner returned).
Glad I got away when I did because the snow really started coming down on the way home. I thought it was set in for a long fall, but it seems to have stopped for now - so probably be OK to get out and back to UWE in the morning.

This day a year ago, we went down into town to see a preview at the Little Theatre. Walked back to the car past the new Bath College extension in the sunshine.

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