Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Seed Heads and Furniture

After yesterday's bright sunlight, it was back to the familiar overcast skies this morning. Gave me a chance to photograph this pretty seed head.
Another seed head.
The ivy is still looking good. 
We set off fairly early to go and experience the joys of IKEA… 
More bouncing on sofas followed, and we actually bought one. On the way out, we saw this sign, which reminded me of the late great Ian Dury - I presume it is a Scandinavian name and not a comment on the quality of the chair?
Nearly escaped. Luckily we had nothing to pay for at the checkout and headed off to the warehouse, where our flat packs were ready for us to load up into the van. 
To recover from that ordeal, we paid a visit to Paintworks. We thought about going to the diner, but settled for the BocaBar. 
Great old millstones - from the site's industrial past, I presume. 
A proper zebra crossing pattern. 
Saw this shiny racing car in the offices of an Events Management Company.
Spent the rest of the afternoon assembling and then testing out the new sofa. It's long enough to stretch out on, and still leaves money in the kitty for holidays unlike some we looked at in Bath the other day. Took some more photographs of fennel seed heads after that.
This day a year ago, the postponed Street Party had been due to take place but we had all sorts of weather throughout the day - including rain and hail. I managed to get Bella out for a walk in a break in the downpours and enjoyed these dramatic skies in the process..

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