Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Teaching again

My first day of teaching at Kaplan College today. I began with an hour of Foundation Science to a class of 5 students (basically Physical Chemistry which I studied in the 60s and 70s - but it has all come back to me like it was yesterday. Scary really!). I then spent two hours of Science and Society with one student, so more of a seminar than a lecture. I will be seeing these students (who seem bright and keen) again tomorrow and for the next ten weeks. It was interesting to be back teaching in P Block on the UWE campus, where I began my teaching at UWE over 20 years ago. It was also interesting to be in the Teacher's Room, which I first knew as the Staff Common Room before it turned into IT support offices until the space was taken over by Kaplan College. Plus ├ža change! 

Ran into Bob Lang afterwards, and was able to buy him a cup of coffee to celebrate his birthday today before I headed back home. We headed out for a walk via Larkhall. I appreciated the blue skies and sunshine after being inside most of the day.
We went up to the racecourse with Bella. Spotted this sticker on the side of a van which was decorated with lots of flower stickers and a hippy aphorism.
Walking round the racecourse, we saw a new platform for TV cameras which was disguised with camouflage netting.
The highlight of the walk was to the west at the end of the track. Glorious skies as a reward for our cold toes. 
Whichever vista you looked at was breathtaking. 
Definitely a highlight of the day. 
As the sun went down, the colours deepened. 
Back at the car by the Blathwayt Arms. 
This day a year ago, the weather started off bright - spotted these daffodils poking up already.

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