Sunday, 6 January 2013

Into The Mist/Mystic

Out with Bella this morning, our way was barred again - but not for long!
Not what you expect to find in a hedgerow - a partially dismantled vacuum cleaner.
The day was very misty and overcast. 
It brightened up a bit for a while later on, giving a very gentle view.
The sun even came out for about 20 minutes, and we set off Southwards in the vain hope that it might be brighter there. This sign gives a clue to our destination (it's not a mis-spelling of "tour bus"!) - the alternative capital of Somerset, Glastonbury. 
Rather than show pictures of all the crystals and flowing robes etc. that might be expected, some other aspects caught my eye.
Philosophia soap - what next? 
We went to Glastonbury Abbey, the first thing we saw was this whale jawbone - one of a pair that originally stood there. Thanks to Su for the photograph.

The explanatory sign about the arch.
Like many other abbies, Glastonbury did not survive Henry VIII's depredations particularly well - but there are some magnificent parts remaining, despite having been raided for stone over the years. 
This is the venue for an annual concert organised by Charles Hazlewood and is a magnificent big open space that we had never appreciated before was tucked just behind Glastonbury High Street.
Coming up towards "Arthur's Tomb".
 Looking back down the site.
 There were a couple of examples of medieval floor tiles
These date from the 1400-1500s 
 Bella inspecting the grounds
The explanatory plaque about King Arthur's tomb - somebody had even left flowers on the site.
At every turn there was another stunning view. 
 I've never heard a retro choir before…
Down by the duck pond, which we managed to keep Bella from diving into.
Looking over the pond, it did brighten up for a while. 
Further down the site was the Abbey Fishpond, which apparently has four types of fish in it - none apparent today.
There's surely a story behind this disassembled abandoned mobile phone that Su spotted on a bench.
A great willow sculpture 
We found ourselves at the Abbots Kitchen - the only intact building of the Abbey complex 
Looking up at the dome, which we thought at first might have been a chimney.
Then we saw this obvious chimney in one corner - and spotted another three in the other corners, one of which was for a bread oven
The ruins of the Lady's Chapel. We drove back from mystic Glastonbury through some thick mist…
This day a year ago, we went to Timsbury and saw this imaginative re-purposing of an old telephone box as a community library. 

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