Saturday, 26 January 2013

Snow & Ice Depart

Brightness in the sky this morning, and blue skies plus a much warmer morning than of late.
The monochrome landscape disappearing and returning to a fuller colour pallette. 
Not all the snow has quite gone - in shaded and north-facing parts it lingers still. 
In some parts, it has become more treacherous underfoot with water on top of compacted ice. There were some parts of the walk with Bella this afternoon that I had to abandon and find alternatives (I didn't take my grippers because so much of the ice and snow had melted, especially lower down the hill). 
After the grey of recent days, it was great to see some colour in the skies. 
A recent news item suggested that making snowpeople might be a way to alleviate the risk of flooding (because the snow melts more slowly due to its reduced surface area). I saw the remains of several such flood-reducers today.
Round the corner this one still had its glove on, and a bit of its head remaining. 
Some nice old tiling leading up to this house's front door. 
Another snow person's remains, complete with half a carrot for its nose. 
This day a year ago, the weather was very changeable beginning with this brooding morning sky. 

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