Monday, 21 January 2013

UWE Teaching Once More

The start of UWE's Spring Semester today, and the beginning of my stint of effectively full-time teaching (as well as teaching two days a week for Kaplan College and two days a week for UWE, I've also been asked to do a week's worth of marking for UWE over the next month). This goes on till  mid- March, after which I tail off to two days a week for a few weeks. After that, some more marking to do before we take off for Symi for May! For now we are still in the snow and ice of Bath with its grey skies.

So for now, I am working more than I anticipated. Today, I drove to UWE via the motorway - great expanses of whited-out landscape up there. UWE was less glorious…
Actually caught sight of some blue sky for a brief moment this morning.
Most of my day was spent inside classrooms talking about projects and teamwork. The students were probably more engaged than I would have been at their age and this stage of the term! 
Wandered over to the Music Technology staff office to eat my lunch and natter to people there, passing through this formal stone garden on the way.
Going back for another class past the Lego brick lift extension. 
The end of the afternoon, and time to leave! 
I dropped into Sainsburys in Emersons Green on the way home to pick up some supplies - it was mercifully quiet.
This day last year, I was down at the bottom of the Charlcombe Valley with Bella admiring the colouring of this coppied willow.

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