Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year's Day

The dawn of a New Year - what a promising start.
The back of the house was just as bright and clear. 
It was a lovely light which stayed all day - maybe it's just because it was sunlight that everything looked so attractive! 
The light streamed through the blinds at the front of the house. 
We couldn't stay in on such a lovely morning, especially after all the rain we have had, so it was off up to Westonbirt - along with half of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Bristol and Bath to judge by the number of people there!
An unexected sight was this flooding at the bottom of the hill on the way in to Silk Wood. 
Some beautiful reflections bringing out another aspect of the planting.
Bella needed no encouragement to go swimming - even before Su found a stick that didn't sink.
Looking back up the hill to the hopefully warmer sunny uplands - it was cold down by the water. 
Looking over Silk Wood to the South West. 
The Westonbirt river… 
Bella happily chewing her stick. 
Bright dogwood flaming in the sunshine. 
A twinkly hat abandoned in a field. 
Came home and noticed more blossom on our winter-flowering cherry.
Took Bella for a longer walk, and really enjoyed the way the view was lit up. 
Spooky willow tree. 
Looking over to Solsbury Hill, Box and Bathhampton. 
Silhouetted trees. 
Looking down from Mount Beacon to Snow Hill and beyond. 
Another abandoned hub cap. 
Heard lots of bird song here - it was like a Spring day.
A short cottage… 
The sun dropping down as seen from St Stephens allotments 
The back of the High School across the tennis courts.. 
The remains of a Starfire rocket - one of several that got Bella rattled last night. For some reason Jules Holland's Hotenanny calmed her down:-)!
Yet another hairband separated from its owner.
Went up to Mark and Adge's for a New Year's Day party late afternoon - jolly nice time with booze, food and lots of chat with everyone still in holiday mood before the return to work begins. This evening, we had a cat came to visit - not deterred by Bella's barking and doing its best to charm its way in. We resisted…
While I was out walking Bella earlier, Su did some gardening and brought in this lovely example of fennel skeleton. Looks like a bit of a theme is emerging here…
This day a year ago, the weather was nowhere near as clear and bright as today. This was the best it got all day.

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