Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Day The Christmas Trees Got Collected

This morning out with Bella, saw that people had once more put out their Christmas trees for collection - and today they actually went (11 days after Twelfth Night), so the pavements are clear again.
It was a cold morning, but nowhere near as frosty as yesterday, so I didn't need to clear the van's windscreen.
Off back to Kaplan College for more teaching. Went through the UWE campus a different way to my usual route, and was rewarded with the sight of more street art style hoardings 
Not sure what the messages behind some of them are (some vague Olympic theme, apparently) but they are a lot more attractive than bare bricks.
A clear Greek reference with Zeus. 
Even Mahatma Gandhi got a look in, with this quotation. 
 Couldn't make out the detail of this one (something "Together") down in the launderette area, but still colourful.
I'd walked underneath this one a couple of times, but not looked up - maybe they should redecorate all of the grim grey structure of "Colditz" in this style?
This day a year ago, we walked along Camden in the late afternoon and saw this steamy scene en route. 

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