Thursday, 24 January 2013

Return of the Sun!

Up at first light again today and enjoying the blue tinge to the landscape again.
Out with Bella this morning, checking out the fresh fall of snow from last night.
Then it was off into UWE for my second day of teaching at Kaplan College this week. The morning was punctuated by a couple of fire alarms which gave me an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the brilliant sunshine - great to see the sun after the last week of grey skies. It really showed the snow off  well. 
At the end of my teaching this afternoon there was a lovely light, which even made Q Block look attractive! 
On the way home, sat at traffic lights looking south towards Bristol city centre. 
Back home with the last of the daylight once again at the blue end of the spectrum. 
This day a year ago, the sun stopped shining so that the brightest thing I saw all day was this heather in a front garden while out with Bella.

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