Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunny Seaside Road Trip

In keeping with our recent pattern of oscillating weather, after yesterday's miserable conditions today started off gloriously.
 Glowing skies all around.
Charlcombe Valley was lit up with the sun. 
Our old carpet beater looked quite majestic in the morning light.
With such a lovely day, we could not stay indoors. So, it was into the van and off to the seaside. We started off at Brean. 
Another abandoned single flower on the beach - a sign of rejected affections? 
The patterns of the sand shining in the sunlight. 
Big skies, big sand, big sun. 
We then had a mini-tour of the Somerset coast, passing through Weston Super Mare on our way to Clevedon. Got there as the sun was descending when we went down for a delicious late lunch at Tiffin on the front just along from the pier.
By the time we emerged, the sun had gone, leaving the lights of the pier twinkling in the twilight.
Walked back up Hill Street and admired the wide boulevard and the cupcakes in this shop - an image for Jenine on Symi. 
Silly sign in a trinket shop window - I'm sure I know some people who might like it, but can't remember who... 
This day a year ago, it was also a glorious day - I took Bella for a her morning walk under a lovely sky looking over the misty valley towards Batheaston.

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