Thursday, 10 January 2013

So much for the sunshine...

After yesterday's bright sunshine, this morning saw a return to grey skies and mistiness.
The errant vacuum cleaner has been retrieved from the hedge and put out for collectionwith the bin bags - will it get taken away if it is not in a plastic sack?
Bella inspected the Christmas trees that have been rejected post-Twelfth Night.
My second day teaching at Kaplan College. I got a great parking space at UWE and popped in to the Music Technology staff offices.
There was nobody about, but I stopped to do a bit of teaching preparation and took the opportunity to brew a decent cup of decaffeinated coffee - I do contribute to their coffee fund!
Taught Research Methods for a couple of hours - to the one student. Then I got a change of scenery and went for a lunch break in the "World of Leather" lounge before my next session.
On the way back over to P Block, a gloomy scene - this was the middle of the day…
Taught Physical Chemistry for a couple of hours today, and again really enjoyed  it. Amazed at how it is all still at my finger (or brain) tips over 30 years after I stopped being a research chemist! Got back to the van for dusk, although not much difference in light levels to the rest of the day. Drove back through thick mist up on Lansdown.
This day a year ago, we were zipping about to Bathford and Batheaston looking at houses. Had a lovely walk along the river when the sun briefly came out.

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