Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Getting Lighter Day by Day

Up with the dawn, rather than before it, which makes a nice change - pleased to see a bit more brightness in the sky even with the clouds.
The front of the house was doomy but still with a glimmer of hope for the day. 
Drove off through pouring rain to UWE for my first day of Kaplan College teaching this week. By the time I got there, blue skies with sunshine was the order of the day.
Got the van neatly parked in the corner of this car park - getting it out later on took a bit more manouevering.
After a spell in the Music Technology staff office, I sauntered across to sunny P Block where Kaplan College is based. It is so weird teaching there - it's where I started at UWE as a part-time lecturer in 1992, and what used to be the Staff Common Room then is now the Kaplan College Teacher's Room.
Later on the weather changed again, and this was the view - just like the one I had when I had an office on that side of the building.
Escaped by lunchtime and came home for  quick bite to eat before zooming off to Bathhampton to the dentist to get my replacement crown fitted. Went via the London Road, stopping at traffic lights opposite this magnificent old building now home to fast food outlets and copy shops.
Came home via Bath station, another fine old building. 
Then it was time to take Bella out for a walk. Went round Richmond Heights,  St Stephens and Mount Beacon, seeing this great sky over the tennis courts on our circuit.
Catkins on the St Stephens allotments.
Coming back round the hill, I glanced down at St Stephens Church to see another great view. Light in the sky until after 5.30 this evening - the dark days are ending and Spring is on the way!
This day a year ago, Su defrosted some spinach to make spinakopita - I loved the truncated cone shapes they came in. 

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