Friday, 4 January 2013

Working again...

I've spent 7 hours on the UWE campus today, being inducted as a part-time member of staff at Kaplan International College, which is a collaboration with UWE to prepare international students for degree-level study there. Starting on Wednesday, I will be teaching 8 hours a week there for the next few months - finish in time to go off to Greece for a month in May. When I applied for the teaching, I didn't know that UWE was also going to ask me to teach another 6 hours a week this term! I'm going to be busy - working 4 days a week...
Not many photo opportunities sitting in meetings and talking about the minutiae of downloading files from their Virtual Learning environment. All this took place in P Block, the building I started in when I began at UWE 20 years ago - it was weird sitting in the former offices of ex-colleagues at UWE.
The day went on longer than planned, and I finally emerged into the Car Park well after dark. 
This day a year ago was a three film day, starting with "We Have A Pope" at the Little Theatre.

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