Monday, 7 January 2013

An Indoor day With Sight of Blue Skies!

Out with Bella this morning, it was a grey overcast day once again.
Don't see many of these lying about these days - it used to be a much more common sight. 
Spent a lot of the day marking for UWE and then preparing for teaching with Kaplan College later this week - lots to get organised that ideally would have been sorted out already - ho hum, it's Higher Education! Decided that I had had enough by mid-afternoon, so much so that the thought of going shopping at Morrisons seemed a better alternative! I was rewarded by the sight of brightness in the sky as I stepped out of the front door.
An even more stunning vista greeted me when I came out of the store back to the van. 
Back home, I looked out of the window as dusk was beginning to see even more evidence of clear skies - red skies at night may be a harbinger of brightness for tomorrow, I hope!
Looking up the hill towards the setting sun. 
This day last year, we enjoyed properly blue skies and sunshine

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