Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Rain Returns

Out with Bella this morning, the rain washed the pavements and scattered pine needles from all the abandoned Christmas trees left out for collection.
An offering for the recyclers? Left behind because it was enamelled, and hence mixed materials?
Went out past this church which has refocused its target audience for today.
Had a coffee which came with little biscuits, one of which was unusually shaped. 
Drove behind this car for a little while, with its sticker that read "Cornish, not English" 
Mayhem caused by revellers or wind damage? 
Took Bella out this afternoon, stopping to admire our winter-flowering cherry which continues to prosper as the temperature drops. 
The rain had resumed, with some sleet mixed in for good measure. It was a challenging walk for Bella too, but she did have her new raincoat on. There is the threat/promise of snow showers overnight
I've walked past this sign many times, but never really noticed it - what a hefty fine for riding a bike! 
Winter-flowering jasmine was out in full bloom on this hedge. 
This day a year ago, I saw lots of post-Christmas trees left out for collection whihc did not happen (just like this year) and we had a splendid sunset after the threat of rain receded.

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