Saturday, 5 January 2013

Minor cold return

Off out to market this morning to Green Park Station. Sainsburys Car Park was already heaving by the time we got there.
The regular arrangement of these bollards appealled to me.
I find shopping trolleys have a slightly more anarchic feel, even though they are all lined up - maybe it's because of their potential for disarray.
Glimpsed from the side of the stall -  pastels de nata for sale at £1.50 each. Reminds me of Portugal.
Had a temporary rerun of cold symptoms this morning - frantic sneezing, headache and bunged up. After a paracetamol and watching some mindless TV, I recovered enough to take Bella out this afternoon. Saw this fine flower spike on the way up the hill.
At the top of our street, two riders and three horses turned down the hill. 
The barrier at the top of Perfect View had been breached, so we went down to have a look to see if we could see any reason for it to have been shut in the first place. Nothing obvious at all, and a similarly breached barrier at the bottom - an example of direct action?
Coming round the hill, saw this sign. "Car vandals and graffiti maniacs beware. Thanks to local support you are now on CCTV. There are three mounted in this road." I spotted one camera...
The sign obviously worked to deter graffiti as it was just beneath this proud tag. 
And a similar sign up the road had been treated with even more respect. 
Up from St Stephens church, I spotted this building with historically authentically blocked-up windows. 
This sign has been up so long that they are now illegible and Sherlock the cat is now unrecognisable from the picture. I fear he is long gone.
This day a year ago, the sun came out and illuminated the space above our front door. 

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