Thursday, 3 January 2013

Mezze in Congresbury

Out with Bella this morning, saw this back garden fence - not sure if it was a break-out, a break-in, or a reconsideration of the desire for a gate.
 It was a pretty gloomy morning.
 This was as much sunlight as we saw all day.
Not the recommended way to learn a language… 
We went off to meet Barbara and Richard at the Ship & Castle at Congresbury ("the village of St. Congar", according to the sign on the way in). This is one of a small chain of Mezze restaurants in pubs - a delicious selection of tapas/mezze dishes and desserts (pecan and pistachio frangipani tart pictured).
After this, it was time to walk it off - and Bella was keen, having been snoozing in the van while we lunched. We went off to the Congresbury Millennium Green, over the River Yeo (one of at least five, so Richard told me).
 A few standing stones at one end of the green - this one with a stone hedgehog at its base. 
I presume that Sue Green was one of the movers of the project.
An interesting set of mini-plaques on display at the other end of the green. 
A slide with a less than enticing pool at the bottom to land in. 
And in sunny weather, it also has its drawbacks… 
Interesting seating nearby. 
This day a year ago, I spotted this street cleaner's cart - no sign of anybody with it, mind you. Today on the same road,  I spotted a council employee with a leaf blower, moving leaves from the pavement into the road and underneath parked cars - guess they'll soon blow back onto the pavement…

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