Friday, 18 January 2013

The Snow Arrives!

After the warnings of impending snow, we woke up this morning to a blanket across the landscape. This was our back garden.
At the front door, our own personalised snow drift.
Our front garden with the snow-covered mahonia and our covered bench,
Our front gate.
The newly remodeled van - nice smooth lines.
The van needed some coolant (the warning light came on and alerted me just as I got home last night). As our road hadn't been gritted (it never is), the van isn't going anywhere just yet so Bella and I walked down into Larkhall to get some.
 Frozen berries.
St Saviour's church in Larkhall.
Great contrast with snow coating everything. Met up with Stephen outside his house and we watched a bin lorry getting stuck trying to get round a corner - the joys of weather! Lots of people out and about, with schoolchildren on sledges in the majority.
This day a year ago,  the weather was very misty and murky - this was the road to nowhere up at Brockham End.

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