Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Snowdrops and other stuff

Today I'll just show you the pics to enjoy as much as we did.  No doubt Marcus will show his collection soon.  All these were taken at Painswick Rococco Gardens apart from the last few of the churchyard (Painswick) and the river (back in Bath eating cake!).  Update on escape plans coming soon!

The cake was a cherry bakewell and absolutely delicious!!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Still Walking and Talking…

Given the gloomy and quite cold weather, we've been walking a lot while talking about our plans for later in the year - all still quite provisional, with many possibilities still to be decided on so we'll tell you when things have become definite! As ever, watch this space…One of our several walks took us down Walcot Street, where this display of little persons' colourful socks caught my eye.
Not far away, maybe this owner forgot to put their boot back on after trying some socks?
An emphatic, if ambiguous declaration in this shop - nihilist central? 
Quite a few empty shop fronts have appeared down the street - this one was being used to advertise a quirky play…
Great new poster at the bottom of the hill.
The River Avon was in full flow as we came over by Pulteney Bridge.
On the other side of the river nearer the weir.
A bit of guerrilla advertising for Opa, a Greek mezze restaurant we have yet to visit - may not be long before we do!
Further along the river, this boat has seen better days.
Victorian Graffiti chiseled in very neatly…
More modern graffiti…
Back home, I glanced out of our kitchen window to see this glorious sight - from there it looked as though the rainbow landed in our near neighbours' back garden
I blame the Management … 
Seagulls on a chimney stack of the new student residences opposite Green Park.
Work on the riverside improvements slowly moves forward… 
I wonder how? This sign can't do much on its own, surely? 
One of our walks was around Chippenham, where we saw this very old and off-vertical house front. 
Found on the pavement just down our road - a coin from Bosnia Herzegovina.
Another walk down Walcot Street, another witty slogan. Wonder how coffee and cupcake do with partial differential equations?
Spotted atop The Bell, a most jolly wind-powered piece of art. 
Further down Walcot Street, this had materialised since our last passage that way…
As had this bike-supported version at the bottom of Broad Street. 
A very odd coat of arms and motto on the wall outside Marks & Spencer…
Now that the Bath Police Station has been sold off and is being redeveloped (no doubt for luxury executive accommodation rather than social housing), this seems to be the best that the Constabulary can offer. The van was locked with no obvious police presence, so that's a lot of use! Mind you just after we passed here we saw two officers get out of a patrol car to arrest, then chase and apprehend somebody…
We came out of the cinema (saw "Twentieth Century Women", an enjoyable coming of age story with a great performance by Annette Bening) to this view of the moon rising above Bath Rugby floodlit ground.
Yesterday's walk saw us roaming around the edges of Larkhall - found a path up the hill we'd never walked just after seeing this tipped mattress. 
Up Charlcombe Lane to see the annual road closure will soon be upon us 
We've lived in Bath for 11 years now (and visited it for the previous 13 years when we lived in Clutton) and walking around it never fails to provide us with something we have not seen or noticed before. It's great to find new routes, so we'll keep on sniffing them out!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Another walk round Bath

Nowadays we're either hiding indoors or getting out for an interesting walk! We think we pretty much know every inch of this small city but there are still surprises round every corner.  One of my favourite buildings is not too far from where we live but I doubt many tourists get to see it. It's now a private house. (Pictures all look on the dull and dark side because it was a dull and dark day!)

The river was running high and fast below the famous Pulteney Bridge.

We carried on along the towpath until we reached Widcombe where the canal, the road, the river and the railway line converge.

We were a bit hungry after our long hike and joy of joys we found a Chinese dumpling establishment
that has recently opened next door to the bus station. A dish of veggie steamed delights later, we had a short stroll to our bus (no.6/7) to take us back up the hill.

In case you are wondering what's happened to our escape plans, fear not. Everything's ticking along nicely and all will be revealed in the fullness of time!