Monday, 2 March 2015

March into March!

It's that time of year again when Charlcombe Lane gets sort of closed and volunteers with buckets go out on damp evenings to help toads and frogs across the road to migrate down the hill for their mating trek
We went for a walk down Charlcombe Lane into Larkhall, spotting this unusually named house en route. 
Further on, this house had some interesting additions to its stone wall
…and some more… 
…and some more…
 … and still more!
 Coming down into Larkhall, we stopped and tried to make out the detail of this old sign painted - "Jas Parsons…& plasterer…"
On the house next door, evidence of previous ivy left behind on the wall.
Walking into town the other day through Hedgemead Park, this gate post looked warm.
Bright crescent moon at dusk. 
The daffodils started to come out in good time for St Davids Day! 
At UWE last week, I spotted this modification to a bike - well it is the Engineering Department!
Walking back into town again we passed this sign (pity about the unnecessary apostrophe) 
 Interesting adornment by the front door.
A fearsome piece of door furniture. 
The other night, my eye was caught by a green glow in the night sky 
Sunshine through our stained glass on Saturday produced this intense blue patch on the hallway wall.
Walked across over the golf course later on Saturday, where I spotted this map of Stonehenge affixed to the entrance for some obscure reason.
Yesterday we went down into town again for our third film in just over a week (yesterday was "Still Alice" with Julianne Moore - a great performance on a depressing theme, on Tuesday we saw "Bonobo", an amusing if sketchy story and the previous Saturday we saw "Still Life", an enjoyable film with Eddie Marsan). After the film, we walked over to Prior Park for some lunch and saw a horde of runners. 
It was the Bath Half Marathon - I saw runner numbers as high as 16,000! 
After lunch at the Secret Garden Cafe, we enjoyed a walk along streets closed to traffic for one day of the year, past Caroline Buildings.
We walked across North Parade, which had a village for just one person (or could this be the curse of the misplaced apostrophe at work again?) 
 A rich source of plaques along this stretch. Downstairs from this one is now a tapas house.
Political philosophy buffs may be excited by this one. 
Fans of 18th century writers might appreciate this. 
On St David's day, we saw a host of verdigrised plaques including this one commemorating Coleridge's chum.
 You don't see one of these every day…
On the wall of Bath Abbey, a final plaque to good king Edgar. 
The skies opened and we took refuge in a coffee shop, where I thought this sign was most helpful to any would-be burglars.
This day a year ago, Spring was most definitely springing with croci, daffodils and snowdrops in evidence

Thursday, 19 February 2015

February Unfolds…

So, time marches on while I dawdle behind it taking photographs… Spotted this reminder of the vehicles of my childhood while at UWE for project supervision.
A great example of guerrilla iconography on this sign!
We held a fund raising party to help send our friend Carol to trek the Great Wall of China and raise funds for Dorothy House Hospice. 
Oh what fun we had (spot Carol with balloon in the corner)! It was a really nice evening - despite Stephen and I playing a few songs :-). The evening raised over £160!
Walked down into town via Walcot Street and the alien bollard features. 
A blast from the past at the bottom of Walcot Street!
Back up the hill, an abandoned headband - someone's pride and joy? 
A few days later we went for a walk through parts of Bath we haven't really explored much - stopped by the grand former pharmacy on the bridge on wondered why it had this at its entrance.
We dropped down on to the canal at Sydney Gardens and walked along through the cold, sunny afternoon. 
Through a tunnel… 
Tell it to the cyclists! 
Not a bad address:- "Somewhere, On the Kennet & Avon Canal, Bath". 
We saw just the one lifebelt in all our walk along the canal bank - is this a danger area?
Widcombe locks, recently restored. 
A memorial to mark 200 years of the canal. 
The canal was frozen solid nearer Widcombe. 
Down in town, I found this mythical portal…
Walking back from a client on Lansdown, I passed this old marker - we now refer to the area as Charlcombe… 
An unexpected warning on these railings… 
Out for a walk with Su, we admired the sunset skies over the West of Bath. 
Walking down to town again, I was struck by these shadows… 
Near the Royal Crescent, a modest Silver Jubilee stone. 
Stopped in front of the Royal Crescent to take a photograph of people taking photographs of other people in front of the Royal Crescent…
It was such a lovely day that we walked back up the hill and enjoyed the last of the afternoon sunshine in Hedgemead Park.
Another cold and misty morning, greeted by this diffuse glow in the sky. 
Walking down to Larkhall to play some music with Stephen before Pilates, I stopped to admire Little Solsbury in the sunshine.
St Saviours Church glowing away below. 
The church is just down the road from Stephen's house.
Off to Westonbirt for a jaunt on a grey, drizzly day we spotted these posts marking out the route of their new aerial walkway through the treetops.
After a stomp round the woods, we spied the van a good half a mile away in the car park. 
After some lunch we explored the children's play area, thinking of our granddaughter's future visits. All locally sourced wood, of course.
Last weekend we went on a jaunt to Laycock in Wiltshire - amazing old village, often used as a film set because of the preponderance of old buildings. This mill complex and barn was very striking.
My eye was also caught by this most unusual topiary (I especially liked the hairstyle!). 
 My first ever sighting of an abandoned pair of gloves.
Our spiffing new 21st Century bus shelters that can't predict the next bus, but can tell you the time - and a bus timetable slipping down because the blu-tack has lost its stick in the cold. 
 Our mahonia is magnificent against the blue sky.
The bee box has moved to an even sunnier spot away from the front door - bees curiously exploring…
This day a year ago, I was in Hong Kong imparting my wisdom to students :-), while Su posted a blog about her walk with Bella in (at times) muddy Primrose Woods.