Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mixed Bag of A Day

A very wet start to the day walking Bella before I went back out to the doctor to discuss my recent clutch of migraines. I can be identified by my trainers, but everyone else has anonymous feet. Came away with a prescription for a triptan, but the list of possible side effects makes me hope I don't have any more migraines to try them out!
Coming back from the doctor, saw this abandoned street cleaner's cart.  As these streets have not been cleaned for months (unlike the city centre), I guess this counts as a hopeful sign?
The rain kept on coming...
But the weather clearly hadn't deterred "Dare"!
Then the sun came out and the skies were blue again.
The light twinkled and caught the colours on the frame of one of our many mirrors
One minute the sunshine was streaming down ...
The next, the rain started yet again
Spent a large part of the afternoon talking to an estate agent about the possibility of selling our house, and then looking at another house nearby (for which we definitely won't be making an offer).  No definite plans yet, but we are working towards being able to travel and/or spend a large chunk of time abroad - which may mean selling this house and buying somewhere else (which we might rent out), or keeping this house and renting it out. After all this excitement, we went out for dinner, in a crisp, cool and clear night with the moon shining down brightly.
We went to Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Bath.  You can't book a table, but we thought that we would be OK tonight. Had a lovely meal.
Tomorrow we plan to go and see the film "We Have a Pope" at the Little Theatre.

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  1. I am wondering if you have tried a remedy for your migraines which often helped my mother. When she felt the tell-tale signs of the onset, she would eat a few feverfew leaves in a sandwich (usually with lettuce). If she did this early enough she found it was often enough to dissipate the pain entirely. It grows in our gardens as a weed.