Saturday, 21 January 2012


Courtesy of the lovely Su, here is a picture of yours truly - the snapper snapped a few days ago. Wondering if what I see will bear any resemblance to what my iPhone produces when I download the images...
The day started slowly for me, as I had a lie-in reading the paper with a cup of coffee (thanks Su!), but then I sprang into action and into a promising morning weatherwise.
It turned a bit grey, and even drizzled for a while.  By then I was under the shelter of Green Park Station, at the Farmers' Market.
These jolly garments were on sale at the Free Tibet stall.
After coming home and meeting up with Su for lunch, I did a bit more tidying up fiddling about on the computer. Then took Bella out into a cool and windy afternoon.
She found another old tennis ball (such a talent she has for that!), and so we tested her goal-keeping prowess. She's good at that as well!
There are 18 garages in this block...
Great colour on this coppiced willow - one of several down by Charlcombe stream.
The skies cleared a bit, to show some blue, and to let the sun tickle the clouds with colour.
At the top of the hill, evidence of hedge trimming
The clouds scudded across the sky, so the light changed very quickly - from sunny to very dark in a matter of seconds.
This (rooted) Christmas tree is still festooned with lights - clearly not a superstitious household.
Some hellebores were flowering in their driveway.
These are the first snowdrops I have seen this Winter.  Soon be time to go up to Painswick to see their display.
Steam coming out of a central heating boiler...
Another "Empire of Light" moment.
And another...
The skies pinked up - not as dramatically as yesterday, but still enough to make me stop and stare (and take a photograph or two.  I ended up taking well over 100 today...)
Big skies bode well for tomorrow ("Red sky at night, shepherd's delight". Didn't know I was a shepherd!)
All around the sky, there was a rosy glow to end the day
Tonight, Su is out again so I am lined up for another double bill of "Borgen"- the Danish political series which I am enjoying (but not as gripping as "Forbrydelsen" AKA "The Killing", although it actually means "The Crime"...).  Tomorrow morning, we are off down to the Little Theatre to see a preview of "Carnage". Having seen Kate Winslett giving a great performance in "Mildred Pierce" this week on DVD, let's see how she does in a Roman Polanski film - review tomorrow.

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