Monday, 9 January 2012

Grey Monday

Not a remix of the New Order classic, "Blue Monday", but a comment on our continuing palette of weather.  It didn't start that way...
Walking Bella a slightly different route this morning led us to see some different flowers.
These daffodils are poking up all over the green space we walk past each morning, and will be flowering soon - probably well before St David's Day!
Also noticed some fading tagging - the artists have probably moved on to bigger things by now.
Looking out across to the other side of the skyline of Bath towards Bathwick
A bed of colourful pansies
A once favourite disk discarded?
These leaves have been cleared up, but it just takes one gust of wind to undo all that work.
I put on a spare hub cap so the van now has all four wheels covered. I used cable ties to keep them on the wheels in future...
Went off to look at the new flats being built by the Riverside down in Bath.  Not impressed particularly, so swung by Harvest, the local whole food shop.  Opposite is this classic piece of street art. Grey Monday in evidence by this time.
The spire of St Michael's Church, with the monstrosity of the Bath Hilton on the left of the picture.
After lunch, I zoomed down to Morrisons to get a present for Bob's birthday today.  I am off to Nailsea shortly to celebrate it with him and Frank at the local Chinese restaurant.
No more migraine auras since Su convinced me to lay off coffee and decaffeinated coffee - maybe this has been the trigger? I will try reintroducing decaff at some stage and see if that is OK.  Also the sea air yesterday has helped me to breathe more easily - I feel like an advert for "Tunes"!

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