Friday, 6 January 2012

Other Inanimate Objects...

A bright start to the day - glorious glow in the sky, and red skies from the front of the house
Red skies all round - this was taken at the back of the house.
Our wallflowers in the front of the house looked good in the morning light
Walking Bella, I noticed this sign for the zillionth time, and wondered why people put signs like this up.  How do they police their edict, given that the house is up a 20/30 yard driveway? I can't see what the problem is if people do turn round there....
Continuing my grumpy old man act, I had decided to spend five minutes of our walk picking up rubbish on the walk down the hill.  I go down here most mornings, often passing parents taking their children up the hill to St Stephens School.  I took one carrier bag with me, found another one amongst the rubbish, and collected this haul in a few minutes. I wouldn't expect the street sweeper to get down this path but hope that others may be moved to pick up some rubbish, rather than walk on by... 
I was planning to go over to Nailsea to meet up with Bob to play some music - but, as I was getting ready to load the van, another migraine aura started.  So, I cancelled my practice and took another of my new tablets.  Once again, this got rid of the aura fairly quickly. Left me feeling a big spaced out but not out of action.  The sun was still shining and our solar-powered flower happily nodded along.
The light coming through the window over the front door illuminated the stained glass and hallway.
Su had arranged to go and see a potential house for us to rent, expecting that I would be in Nailsea.  So, we all went off to Timsbury to see a quite unusual house. On the way she said to me, " I talk to other inanimate objects as well as you"... I promised that this statement would be reported to the world via this blog!
We were most impressed by this re-purposing of an old telephone box into a community library/book exchange.
The house is in a bit of a state, so it is not a contender for us to rent, but we had a nice time walking around the village, and Bella enjoyed some new sniffs. After this we went off to Chew Valley Lake for a bite to eat. The skies brightened up again.
This tree has taken on an unusual shape!
Bristol Water make the place seem so welcoming...
We met our former builder from Clutton walking his dog before coming home to dim sum for dinner! Now watching the recent re-make of "The Manchurian Candidate" - a good cast and it's shaping up OK so far.  The original is a high standard to meet. Thinking of films, the blog "Every Film in 2012" aims to review every film released in the UK this year. The author (Neil White) also writes the blog "Every Film in 2011" (he is still catching up with last year's backlog). So far for 2012, he has reviewed 8 films and given two of those 8/10 or more ("Almanya: Welcome to Germany & "The Minister (L'exercice de l'etat)"). I hope that these films get to Bath...

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