Thursday, 5 January 2012

Changes Rumbling...

A promising start to the day, with the sun breaking through the clouds that brought the wind and rain overnight. The path I usually walk down to Fairfield Park Road has been blocked by fallen vegetation - not as impressive as the fallen trees in the Meadows in Edinburgh, but requiring a detour nonetheless.
The rain came down when Su took Bella out this morning, but then the sun came out again.
On her walk with Bella, Su had a chance to test out her new walking boots, and pronounced them comfortable and dry!
Then the rain set in for the morning, which changed our minds about going up to Westonbirt.

We had another estate agent around this afternoon - this time to talk about the prospect of us renting out this house. He quoted an exorbitantly high rent to us, so little confidence in that valuation - but useful in terms of concentrating our minds about what we are going to do. 

No definite decisions yet, of course! Tonight's favoured option is one we discussed ages ago - selling this house, and renting somewhere else. We can then take our time to find somewhere else to be a pied a terre when we aren't travelling or staying somewhere sunny and warm. Lots of research and talking still to do...

After that, I took Bella out for her afternoon stroll around the fields - passing this pair of carefully place gloves en route.
Road signs had been blown about by the force of the winds last night - they have strong enough to delay the recycling teams getting to our road today!
Thankfully the skies cleared in time for our walk, and laid on impressive displays as the sun set.
Clouds starting to develop a mackerel appearance.
Walked back round the valley on Charlcombe Lane, supposedly a quiet lane - but the cars don't always take much notice...
Back home to lovely smells in the kitchen. Annoyingly had the aura for a migraine attack, so took one of my newly prescribed tablets. What a result! The aura went quickly and I had no residual headache - and none of the horrible side effects described in the leaflet. 

Tomorrow I am being drawn back to Nailsea, to see Bob and play a bit of music.  I'll be back there on Monday evening to celebrate his birthday, as will Frank. This will see all three of us in Left at the Lights together for the first time since September!

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  1. Remember to avoid the Blue Flame tomorrow lunchtime as I will be very thirsty there.