Friday, 13 January 2012


This sign went up outside our house this morning - I think while the photographer was inside taking photographs to make our house look even more attractive than it is.  I noticed it when I looked out of the front window after he had gone.  More on house business below...
Before all this excitement, I took Bella out on our usual morning ramble into a beautifully clear and crisp morning.  Saw the moon setting over one end of the street while the sun rose over the other end.
Climbing up the hill and looking down the valley towards Batheaston and beyond showed other areas swallowed in mist, and lovely morning glow.
Frost-dipped leaves.
The sun rising over the steps to Perfect Place.
Coming back home past the pub, saw this bright new bin they have acquired.
After the photographer left, we went off to distribute some old soil we had on a friend's long border and picked up a pressure washer.  I had great fun with this later on, cleaning off more of the slippery surface from our decking at the back of the house.  I also got completely spattered in bits of grot, but was happy with the result - apart from the fact that all my photographs of the process got lost when my phone crashed. Only this one of my exploratory cleansing of paving slabs survived.  The decking is much cleaner and safer to walk on now.
This panorama of the skies behind the house survived my phone crash as well. The photo-stitching technique managed to curve the vapour trails of the planes in the process.
We had a visit from a potential buyer for our house this afternoon. She was here for an hour, went round the house twice, spent ages in the garden, and then later on (while we were out walking Bella) rang the estate agent and offered the asking price! We have accepted (and it never even got on to RightMove...).

As if that was not enough to be excited about, while we were out walking Bella, we had a conversation with someone living nearby in a new conversion which caught our eye while it was being built.  It turns out that he is looking to sell his house in the next couple of months, and invited us to have a look around.  We were very taken with the house, and will be talking to him more about it over the weekend, so watch this space...

To celebrate this eventful day, we have just been out for a delicious meal at The White Hart in Widcombe!


  1. That really was a busy day. Friday 13th improves each time. Now, how much room do I have in my garden shed?

  2. Congratulations! If only every sale went that well.

  3. Well done! Where are you going to move to? Or just circumnavigate the globe?