Monday, 16 January 2012

UWE sucks me back in for a day...

Awake early again - Bella's scratchy fidget encouraged me out of bed to make some coffee (decaffeinated). Another glowing start to the day...
Downloaded a new photo app for the iPhone, which got tried out on Bella.  She didn't look amused, and I need to play with it some more to properly judge it.  I plan to do a survey/ review of iPhone photo and image editing apps at some stage (I have tested out quite a few over the last two years). I'll put it on my ToDo list...
Into the outside world to see the sun getting higher in the sky. It was cold!
At the top of the hill, a passing parent with his son on the way to school told me they call this view "Misty Valley" - after the place in Thomas the Tank Engine.  This put a new spin on my walk!
Further round the walk, another view looking down the hill - planes leaving their traces across the sky.
After breakfast, I went off to UWE for what turned out to be quite a few hours.  What I thought was going to be a fairly short meeting about logistics of my teaching in Hong Kong went on for over two hours. They were useful discussions though - I found out more about what is expected of me, as well as getting a chance of being given credentials to get on to the UWE computer systems. As all the module teaching materials are stored on there, this will make my life (and the Hong Kong students') learning experience a lot easier. It was interesting to revisit the hallowed halls of learning once more:-)
I also had a useful meeting, which finally established how much I will get paid for this teaching.  It has only been 9 months since the idea of me teaching was first mooted, and a mere 5 months that I have been asking to get UWE system credentials (re)established. A responsive and agile educational experience...
Colditz looked tolerable in the sunshine, after having talked to loads of former colleagues and even some students from years ago who have popped up again! Came home through sunny afternoon and found Su stripping paint from a bank of drawers. We talked about houses a bit more, because our house has appeared on RightMove today.  If you want to buy it, have a look here.Su took Bella out, and I saw the last of the setting sun's glow over Charlcombe.  Glow from dawn to dusk - lovely!

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  1. Wow, the views from your windows are stunning. Bath has such fine land surrounding it (I know hills are a pain to walk but they look good).

    It sounds as if you are swapping for a very different few months soon.