Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Walking Bella this morning, I was suddenly struck by how many numbers there are in the urban environment that we (I) tend not to take much notice of a lot of the time.  This house number is decoratively carved in slate on the side of the house, as well as there being a number on the door.
This one just along the same terrace stood out as bespoke.
I didn't go and photograph every house door, as I figured his might get me into trouble, but I did photograph some other bits of street furniture. After I was distracted by the colours and textures on this tree bark.
Popped in to the corner shop to pick up the paper, and caught both brothers in there together (they normally do different shifts).  They were very happy to be photographed for the blog, as you can see.
 Old metal sign on a wall - no idea what for, but something is 7 ft....
Looking down Croft Road through the eye of a bollard on Queenswood Terrace.  There are just a few off these bollards there and nowhere else in the area - surplus stock?
My favourite of these "H" signs - because of the highest "numerator" and "denominator" of all I spotted, and also because of the arrow.
Coming up the hill I saw this car (for all petrol heads reading - a 4 litre Jaguar.  Vroom vroom!)
Our neighbour Mark who is an illustrator/cartoonist came round to talk about some technical issues for an hour or so. Then I did a bit of work on the Hong Kong materials before taking myself back over to Bradford on Avon for another swim. The approach to the pool is along the river bank - a very civilised walk.
When I came out, the drakes were scrapping - early Spring stirrings, perhaps? Tell the ducks to look out...
This wasn't in the pool, but by the side of the river.  Looks like it has been there for many a year without being needed, thankfully!
This day last year I was back at UWE for what turned out to be my last Second Semester, spotting Scottish country dancers in the refectory. I'll spare you that image but share again this flock of seagulls.

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  1. I didn't spot any papers in the corner shop - just wall to wall booze... is there anything you'd like to tell us, Marcus?