Monday, 23 January 2012

Active Day

An interesting sky to start the day off - it turned overcast a bit later on, but we found some sun at the end of the day (all will be revealed below...)
Passing a neighbour's garden, saw this bed bursting with new croci, and a few snowdrops.  Could Spring really be on the way, or will there be wintry bursts yet to come?
The man working on the telephone switching box kindly let me take a photograph of what is inside the BT Infinity box.  Who knew you could get so much in such a small space...
A newly rebuilt retaining wall for one of the houses on Tyning Terrace.  It is now vertical, as opposed to the bulging phenomenon it was.  The chap who fixed it told me that he took 70 bags of excess soil and stone to the tip!
We had another viewing today.  Interestingly, all the people who have been to see the house have been single women, although the one today came with sister and daughter as well.  After that, it was off to Bradford on Avon to check out their swimming pool, which is pretty good. Su went to the shops while I swam and did exercises for my floppy foot.
Afterwards walked along the river back to the Car Park.  Swans and ducks in evidence, and surprisingly quiet considering how near to the busy road I was.
Council noticeboard had this appeal for votes.  Su told me that they had been successful, and had won the "City for a Day" competition!
Ancient bridge over the Avon, complete with modern day flotsam in the river.  This bridge is the only route across the river so is a bottleneck at busy times, as we found out a few weeks ago.
Great architecture - all sorts of old buildings and a really interesting skyline that reminded me of Hebden Bridge, with the houses tumbling down the hill
Great shop name for a deli/take-out sandwich shop.
Su and I went for lunch in the Fat Fowl, one of our favourite haunts there.  They also put on good evening jazz gigs upstairs.
Walking back to the car, looking downriver from the old bridge
This old coaching inn has certainly shifted over the years!
A sculpture to celebrate the millennium that Su drew my attention to -the sculpture that is, not the millennium.  I'm not that out to lunch!
After coming home, we decided to go up to Westonbirt despite the clouds. By the time we got there, we had driven into lovely sunshine
We went down to Silk Wood, via the top field to maximise our time in the sunshine.
Passed this big tree stump covered in sawdust.
In the woods, saw this variegated holly (Ilex xaltaclarensis "Golden King" Highclere Holly according to the label) without any prickly leaves, and covered in berries.
The dogwood is still stunning
There is a regular programme of clearing the really overgrown parts of Silk Wood, and this is the latest stage.  
Remaining flower heads all over this small tree.
What we did a year ago today...
After an interrupted screening of "Barney's Version", we finished the afternoon at Westonbirt with the hint of sunset shown below.
Tomorrow, we have another viewing of the house. Then who knows what else the day will bring (apart from the forecast rain...)?

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  1. That last tree looks like a Staghorn Sumac. Mine blew down recently, but luckily had put out suckers so I have two baby ones to tend to. The kids called it the poo tree due to the fruit!