Saturday, 14 January 2012

Cold Light of Day

A cold start to the day, and a sluggish one.  We were up late last night, and then awake early - the excitement of yesterday stirred us up! More on house matters below...
Not all plants suffered from the frost.  This winter flowering jasmine is positively thriving on the cold.
What started as a  clear, bright and sunny morning gradually clouded over, though the skies cleared  later and were interesting throughout the day.
Frost on the top of this wooden bollard highlighted the grain of the wood.
Frost also rendered this mirror totally ineffective for purpose...
A stone wall with frost and a chilly sunrise
Walking down the hill, I nearly bumped into this bashed out railing - a casualty of a collision since I walked past there yesterday morning. Left me wondering what the story behind the curvy ironwork is...
Spotted on the windscreen of the immovable car I had featured before.  I have never seen a notice like this - especially on a car with a valid tax disc. This one is taxed until the end of the month.  Time will tell if the car stays...
Came home to find some frost affected planting
In contrast, the yucca stood proud and unbowed by the chill.
After breakfast, we had a quick burst of shopping - down to Larkhall, off to the Farmers' Market and then the joys of Sainsburys.  All this was the prelude to a return visit to Colerne, this time in brilliant sunshine.  We had a cup of coffee in the Fox & Hounds, warmed by their wood-burning stove.
 Came out to the sight of this pollarded tree
We went to have a look at a cottage just up from the pub.  Built in 1829, according to the plaque over the door with a most unusual cellar room. Interesting, but maybe not in the right place for us - the only people we saw in the village were a few people in the pub and some walkers passing through. Very quiet compared to how busy Bath is on a Saturday lunchtime.
Came back to Bath and popped up to say "Hello" to our former next door neighbours (the ones with the three young daughters plus roller skates on bare boards).  They are living in the middle of a house conversion but with great views and loads more room for them all. After that, home to a late lunch and some domestic chores for me, and a walk with Bella for Su. Out in the back garden, I was taken with the late afternoon sky
Tomorrow we are going back to have another look at the nearby conversion we had a look at last night, and then we may start talking about making an offer. Nothing is yet decided, so tomorrow's post may tell a whole other story.

Now feeling quite weary but enjoying watching the "Grand Designs" programme about the Huf House yet again.  Quite inspirational - maybe we will convert the pumping house that Su has just found on RightMove!

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