Sunday, 29 January 2012

Grey Sunday

The hoped-for sun did not materialise today, so no jaunt to Westonbirt.  Instead we went down to Julia's allotment to help her clear some of the vegetative debris.  It was great being there with company...
After an hour and a cup of coffee, I left them to it and went off to walk Bella, stopping to admire this rhubarb.
Also struck by these teasels [Genus Dipsacus, family Dipsacaceae: several species, including fuller's teasel apparently!]
On our walk, saw these bright roses...
Snowdrops waiting for the snow...
After our walk, we went off to Bristol to Bill & Patsi's. Had a lovely meal and talked for hours before coming home. Spotted this inscrutable graffiti opposite their house.
This day a year ago, I featured this image of the two cats pushing Bella out of her bed!
No snow yet, but the forecast promises some tomorrow morning.

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