Monday, 30 January 2012

Snow and Gone

Woke up bright and early to see a dusting of snow on the cars and roofs. Higher up the hill there was a more definite covering. On the way up the hill, saw this discarded steamer looking forlorn in the corner.
This upturned bin lives on the pavement all the time - wonder who it belongs to?
At the top of the hill, cars had definite coverage and the post box looked well turned out.
This bench looked most uninviting.
Snow had settled on roofs, bushes and walls, but not on the roads and hardly on the grass.
Coming down the hill again to get the paper, saw loads of yellow croci which have popped up in in the last day or so.
I sorted out the fire and stayed in the warm working for the rest of the day. We had talked about trying Westonbirt today but decided against it, especially as there were a few more flurries later in the afternoon. Su defrosted some spinach for a delicious spinakopita for tea. Nice truncated cone shapes.
This day last year we did go to Westonbirt, zoomed back for some lunch and managed to see all of "Barney's Version"on a second attempt. Su posted this photograph of a feature from a bizarre Madrid hotel we stayed in the previous Easter.
The snow has now all melted, so that was exciting... Nothing like the challenges some of our readers have to endure in Canada, Oregon or bonny Scotland!


  1. That car doesn't look very well. One of yours?

  2. Its only snowed once this year here in Oregon! I wish there was more....I especially like the bench and the post-box photos.