Monday, 2 January 2012

Multiple Weathers

Today brought us some relief from the featureless grey skies of the last few days. Sunrise was clear and bright.
Even brighter a bit later in the morning.
But not for long - the clouds started to roll in from the West, and before long the skies opened.
But that brought us the bonus of a double rainbow, but what does it mean?:-)
Went for lunch at the Secret Garden Cafe - coffee first followed by a wrap with chips!
While we were having our lunch, there was yet another shower of hail.
Came home and took advantage of the break in the weather to take Bella out.
Saw this rose standing proud despite the onslaught of the elements.
Spotted some more tags, at least one of which was legible! Hungry spray can artist?
Back to the usual gnomic style
Up into the fields and around the valley, the sky was impressive, but the clouds were gathering...
Passed this weeping willow, snapped over the top of a gate.
And the rotating reindeer has been switched back on for the festive season!
In all the years I have been walking past this garage, I have admired the correctness of the spelling, but I have yet to see the door in any state but padlocked shut. Never seen a car using it...
Came down the road as the street lights were warming up.
The site of the proposed Street Party gathering , delayed from yesterday. Unfortunately, the rain arrived today about the same time as Bella and I. So it has been put off until further notice (probably in the Spring). My music playlist will have to wait... as will the barbecues and the fireworks!
Also managed to fit in an exciting trip to Homebase to buy some paint and look at sinks, as well as watching "Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull".

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