Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Fade to Grey

An overcast (but a little warmer) day.  We had our Home Energy Performance survey done this morning.  The chap doing it was very thorough and efficient, emailing it through in the afternoon. I spent some time after that fiddling about with UWE systems, getting things set up for the teaching I will be doing in Hong Kong. Took Bella out for a walk up by the Golf Course. The first thing I saw was this walking boot suspended from a branch.
The weather up on top of Lansdown was extremely murky. I'd driven up in to the clouds!
Saw this No Entry sign, covered in ivy, halfway up a tree in the woods. Is is to stop low flying birds?
Murky and spooky indeed!
But there were flashes of brightness to be found - this almost fluorescent lichen stood out as I walked through the woods.
Looming trees in a totally silent landscape.  The cloud/mist deadened all the traffic noise, and there was nobody else around.
One solitary flower on a whole bank of these plants.  The last few days have been cold enough to stop unseasonal blooms in their tracks.
The Road to Nowhere? 
In the woods, this pair of beech trees stood sentinel-like in the gloom.
No golfers out today for some reason, but this strange garment hanging from a tree.
Where I've taken photographs of glorious views and sunsets, today was a whole other world.
These dead plants swayed in the unexpectedly windy greyness.
At one stage, Bella and I were in a field and could see nothing but the grass and each other - definitely spooky! Just as we were driving off, I recognised one of my former students out walking his dog.  It transpires that he has been living back in Bath for months, but is off up to Edinburgh in the next few days. Strange to see him in a different context to the hallowed halls. Came home to see this notice for a neighbour's missing 15 year-old cat taped to the lamppost.
Tomorrow, we have someone coming to view the house in the morning, someone lined up to view next Monday - and the advert appears in the local paper tomorrow, so we expect to have a busy weekend!

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