Sunday, 8 January 2012

To The Seaside

A promising start to the day, after a restful night's sleep for us both. Not a peep out of next door's newborn last night...
Took Bella out on her morning stroll.  Wondered about the circumstances that led to a pair of wooly socks being left here.
Bright sunshine, blue skies, pretty clouds...
Went down the path still clear of discarded crisp packets, plastic milk bottles, skin lotion bottles, plastic..
Saw another of Thug's lamppost tags.  Different colour this time, so s/he must be branching out...
Flowers growing out of a wall
More flowers growing out of a wall.  Su remarked earlier that we haven't really had a winter - maybe we won't and the slugs can take over Bath without a frost to curtail their numbers...
Thought that it would be nice to go to the beach as it was such a sunny day. Also get some sea air to clear my sinuses.  When we got there, we were greeted by this scene.
Low mist and very murky.  We had hoped that the mist was just on the Mendips as we drove over to Brean... But then the skies started to brighten a little.
The mist started to lift, and the lower section of Brean Down became visible for a while
The tide was quite far out, so we got down to the edge of the mud, which swallows cars on occasion.
There were some fisherfolk all set up with their rods and chairs, but the tide was nowhere to be seen.  Then, when it did come in with its usual rush, they were scurrying to move their gear further back up the beach.
There were workers in yellow jackets with poles looking as if they were carrying out some kind of survey of the mud, and another one on a beach buggy zipping about.  We came across this tagging on the sand - a first for both of us, and not very permanent! There were lots of blue circles as well...
This equipment was set up above the beach (nice looking camper van on the left...).  We asked the workers later and they said they had been surveying the beach to see if it was eroding.
Bella was happy, having chased her ball up and down the beach and got lots of sand and mud in her coat.  We were happy when the kettle went on - not so sure about the sandwiches with beetroot bread I bought yesterday, but the fruit was nice. Motored home through the gloom and dusk to two interesting programmes on Radio 4, with Su dozing off quite happily in the rocking chair passenger seat.

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